Revision Retro Tunnel

Feel the 90s again with this retro tunnel. It is an OpenVPN layer-2 tunnel with a simple Raspberry Pi image providing authentic Plug and Play™ experience.

The internet speed is limited to 56 kb/s when using the tunnel. LAN speeds are not restricted.

IPX/SPX and all the non-IP protocols are passed as-is through the tunnel, so DOOM and many other games work out of the box!

The service is not an official part of Revision party but takes place simultaneously. The tunnel service is available during Easter 2022, from 14th to 18th of April, 2022.


Telnet BBS10.8.0.1
Anonymous FTP10.8.21.21Instanssi visitor network secondary IP:

Feel free to add services to the network and inform us!


Instructions for setting up Raspberry Pi

  1. Download the image on your computer.
  2. If you run Linux or other *nix based OS, run: xzcat retrotunnel.img.xz | sudo dd bs=1M conv=fsync status=progress of=DEVICE where DEVICE is the device path to your SD card. This will overwrite all contents of the card!
  3. Plug the card to Raspberry Pi and boot.
  4. First boot is slower than the normally. Just be patient.
  5. Retro LAN is available on the on-board Ethernet interface of your Raspberry Pi. Connect it to your 90s computer directly or via an Ethernet hub and start gaming with your pals!

Configuring WLAN

  1. Press enter on the status screen to get into a menu.
  2. Select Configure network.
  3. Select Activate connection.
  4. Pick your WiFi from the list and enter password.

Other connectivity options

In case you don't have have wireless in your Raspberry Pi, you can use USB to Ethernet converter as the WAN port. Alternatively, you can even plug an Android phone and tether the connection to USB.

Security and terms of use

Although the tunnel is encrypted, the keys are shared on this page so you are basically having a LAN party with random people. Keep in mind that the software in old computers is unmaintained and most likely has multiple security holes in it. Take a backup of your system and don't store any personal data on connected computers!

This goes both ways so it's not acceptable behaviour to abuse or attack any computers via this network. Such activity will lead to banning and/or criminal liablity.

I don't have an old PC!

You've got no PC but want to join? Oh yes! There is a software I wrote with jsalin called ipxgw. It allows you to play with DOSBox and join the very same IPX network game!

Raspberry Pi 3 running retro tunnel and connected to a hub with 10BASE2 coaxial network.


Join on Matrix or #retrotunnel on IRCNet.